Creative Techniques

Printing onto Art Paper
Rather than printing onto traditional photographic paper, we can produce your image onto artist's watercolour paper, giving your portrait a soft, velvety look. The edges are generally hand-ripped to show off the beautiful texture of the paper.


Printing onto Canvas
Masterpieces are created by printing directly onto artist's canvas. There are two framing styles to show off the texture: The first - a stretcher frame is used so you can feel the 'bounce' of the canvas. The other, we flat mount the canvas onto a backing board, placing a mat underneath it with a 'spacer' to give the portrait a 3-D effect of floating above the mat and finished with a frame.

Polaroid Transfers
Once the final image is chosen, it is then re-photographed onto Polaroid film and transferred to art paper in the final stages of processing. This gives a unique textured finish onto watercolour paper. Often pieces of the image don't transfer smoothly. This is part of the process and the uniqueness is that it can never be reproduced exactly the same.

Toned images
Photographs can be turned into a variety of tones - sepia (brown), blue, red, violet, green, orange, etc. This technique can be put to great effect by having a set of four images hung together, each with a different tone. Even more impact is exactly the same image used four times.

Instead of having a smooth, photographic look to your portrait, we can turn them into moody masterpieces by adding 'grain' to the image.

This is where we reduce the depth of colour of the image. This is ideal for adding to softer styles of images



Darkened edges
Adding mood and used to emphasise the main part of the image, eg the face, the rest of the image is darkened.

Hand colouring
The main part of the image is Black & White and selected areas are coloured. This can be done to eyes, lips, bouquets, etc