January 2017

Getting some exercise each day is something I enjoy, and as the sun popped over the horizon, I was rewarded for my early morning effort and looked up to see these two flags dancing on the roof-top. I'm intrigued by the ladder leaning against the house - was it left there because the flags had to come down again in a day...?

February 2017

The last time I visited this beautiful building would have been from primary school. A delightful evening by the Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific was organised by Barbara Bailey and hosted by Member for Caloundra, Mark McArdle MP.  We were told stories about the history of the building, the ongoing renovations and shown who sat where when parliament was sitting......

March 2017

The night before leaving to fly to New Zealand, I had to make the big decision of which camera to take on a three day mountain walk through the Fiordland and Mt Aspiring National Parks.  Out loud, I asked, 'Ok so decision time. Which camera do I take - the Canon 5D Mark 111 or my 6x6cm film camera?'


May 2017

From Brisbane, fly to Alice Springs, then drive four hours into the Tanami Desert. It's a big country, and I love exploring it.  Currently volunteering at the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation in the Northern Territory, there's plenty of visual excitement.  

June 2017

Continuing my series of portraits at the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation in the Northern Territory.  Meet Karen, who is fast becoming a collectable artist with her modern take of the Budgerigar Dreaming story.

July 2017

What a fascinating country we live in - lush coastal areas and reefs, contrasted by large, flat deserts with harsh light, rich red sand with dry creeks and lakes, creating stark salt pans.  Central Australia has such a diversity of scenery that it sometimes looks like a moonscape, at other times like delicate lacework.



September 2017

Gold Award!

With an average score of 93 out of 100 points by five judges, this Aboriginal Artist portrait was awarded a Gold Award at the recent 2017 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards in Melbourne.  Judged by her peers, this is a great honour for Robyn as there is only a very small percentage of the nearly 2000 prints entered that achieve this level of scoring.  

October 2017

Fifty Fabulous Women
Looking for 50 fabulous females over 40 years of age.

Our Caloundra Studio is looking for women just like you to participate in our Fifty Fabulous Women project to raise money for the Cancer Council Queensland.

November 2017

Looking for 50 fabulous females over 40 years of age.

From starting this project last month - we've had a great response!  Thank you everyone for your support.  There have been such a diverse collection of women that have volunteered to be part of this project. This is one of the sessions we did last week.