January 2016

Shopping Centre Project
For the Christmas shopping season, I had a pop-up shop for my photo neckties and scarves at Sunshine Plaza at Maroochydore. It's the largest shopping centre on the Sunshine Coast. While it was busy, anyone in retail knows that it's not busy all of the time - so I had time to do one of my favourite past-times - people watch.

February 2016

Just back from an amazing trip to Antarctica .

We flew to Ushuaia, which is the southern tip of Argentina, South America, then sailed the notoriously rough waters of the Drake Passage - which lived up to it's reputation.

March 2016

The media have been busy on the Sunshine Coast and around the state with council elections.  Being asked to photograph a high profile personality such as the Mayor was an interesting challenge for me. With so many images out there already, my vision was to create a portrait that hadn't been seen before.

May 2016

Some say it's 'Who you know', others say 'Success is when preparation meets opportunity'.   Perhaps on this occasion, it was a little of both.  Ms Bishop was coming to the Sunshine Coast for a luncheon and evening function and through a client connection, Con Hughes suggested my name was put forward to attend the lunch.

June 2016

Mother & Daughter
Being asked by a fellow photographer to photograph his best friend's family, also a prominent photographer, was an exciting opportunity to let my skills and creativity shine.
I love children, so the session was full of high octane energy and fun. Anne and Katherine snuggled in to each other for this warm moment they'll treasure for years to come.

July 2016

This photo came about after a friend sent me a text and said he thought I would love this unusual location and subject.  It's a truck and trailer that has been abandoned for many years.  Nature had decided to repossess it, producing this mix of sculpture and industrial landscape.  I really am delighted that friends know me so well that when they see something interesting, it's passed on.

September 2016

As a pilot, we enjoyed seeing the movie just released called 'Sully' about the captain who lands the plane on the Hudson River using his 40 years of experience and professionalism and all 155 people on board survive. One of the lines in a flashback to his early days learning to be a pilot, his instructor says "No matter what happens, 'Fly the Plane'." It's an important lesson and Sully used it well.

October 2016

School holidays are the perfect time to get families together. The grandmum of the Burness and Newton families wanted a photo of her grandchildren updated. Always expanding an idea, I latched onto replicating the original from 2003. The kids were great sports - mimicking the clothing colours and poses.

November 2016

What an honour it was to be invited to judge the Lockyer Valley Regional Council's Business and Environmental Awards last month. 37 businesses wrote submissions and then each received a site visit.
An amazing experience and a challenge to allocate 1,000 points on a scoring matrix for business planing, customer service, innovation, community contribution, social media, etc.