January 2015

Rust on Concrete 
Having walked past this house several times a week for the last seven years, I've always enjoyed the 'old-fashioned original look' to this beach house in Caloundra. But it took one exceptionally hot afternoon this week to stop pushing my step-daughter's wheelchair up the steep hill for a break, to notice the gate and abstract 'dot' painting effect the rust had made in the concrete.  I love how life presents a different perspective for us.

February 2015

20th Wedding Anniversary

Late last year, we got a phone call from Terry saying that their 20th anniversary was coming up in January, and he'd like to order a wall portrait from their wedding that Robyn photographed - 20 years ago.

Having moved studio locations several times in that period, Robyn has always carefully moved her negatives and file collection with her.

March 2015

Describing himself as a native New Yorker, Elah Village is always full of interesting ideas and happy to share them with anyone. I met him about 18 years ago when he had a computer store in Caloundra. Last year when I saw him down the main street, he told me about an operation he had to have.

July 2015

There was a call out to all photographers to meet at dawn to photograph the remains of the SS Dicky in situ for perhaps the last time. It has been a source of inspiration to hundreds of photographers over the years and I've used it as a prop for family portraits. It was fun to be part of the 30 photographers that turned up in the dark to pay homage to this local icon. The SS Dicky was an iron steamboat, which ran aground in heavy seas on February 4, 1893.

September 2015

Paris in Autumn
Some of the trees had just started to turn golden on their way into winter.
I'd visited the Australian Embassy and the Musée du quai Branly - which features indigenous art and culture.

Both were either side of the Eiffel Tower, so I circumstantially came across this more 'local' angle of this famous landmark.

October 2015

Feather Arrangement
Inspiration and serendipity provided by nature - with the unusual opportunity provided by the nesting peregrine falcons outside our kitchen window, there has been a supply of rainbow lorikeet feathers. I'm fascinated by the delightful designs and colour combinations, each feather a work of art in itself.

This latest collection I'd picked up outside, arranged them in length and colour order on our kitchen bench.

November 2015

The Classical Portrait
While I love being creative and using my studio for interesting and unusual lighting, I know there is also an important place for a classical portrait. Think of the Mona Lisa, possibly the world's most famous portrait - posing elegantly with her serious yet enigmatic expression.

The classical portrait can be viewed repeatedly, allowing you to look into the face, perhaps even put your own interpretation on the expression and have a dialogue with the sitter.