January 2014

Ice Hotel
The Ice Hotel in the north of Sweden on the Arctic Circle. The Inside temperature was –5c and outside was –9c.  We slept on a bed of ice, covered in reindeer skins. We also got to drive our own husky team across a frozen river and through pristine forests.  The sun didn't get up over the horizon line at all.  It just got a little 'lighter' from 11am to 3pm, before going back to black.

February 2014

Sunset Sequence
Travel provides a wonderful opportunity for me to capture unusual photos that others may miss.Flying back into Australia, the coastline has beautiful patterns.  But this time were was total cloud cover.Making the best of the situation, I photographed a series of the sun setting and used it to make a new fabric pattern for a necktie design. 


March 2014 

Kristine Carlson & Kim Serafini 
Being asked to photograph a best selling author is exciting, and being asked for a 'magazine front cover' together with successful business woman and author Kim Serafini, certainly had the creativity flowing. After talking with Kristine about the look she wanted in the portrait and what to wear, she used the words 'angelic' and wearing white.  Separately Kim told me she wanted to portray that she was grateful and wear black.  The idea popped into my mind for the 'Ying/Yang' symbol.  Each person separate and unique, while providing the balance to work together with each other.

April 2014

Moonie Melon Holes 
Gold Award at the AIPP QLD Epson 2014 Professional Photography Awards. We flew out to a delightfully small dot of a township called Moonie, in south western Queensland by helicopter. After rain, the black soil sinks in patches, holding the water, creating what is colloquially known as 'melon holes'.  The farmer still tries to get the most out of the land, so has to plough around the melon holes.  Our reward from this perspective is the intricate patterns this combination creates

May 2014

The beloved Kombi
The Kerridge family of Caloundra, have been coming to me to be photographed for 21 years.  It is always a delight to get a call from them to shoot their next family project and this time it was the family of four plus the beloved Kombi with a beach look.  However, there was a cyclone off the coast that day.  This beautiful scene presented itself through the Kombi windscreen, to create an impressionistic landscape.  I am so lucky to have fabulous clients like Peter & Caroline and feel like part of their extended family.

June 2014

Moree Grain Silos
Last week when returning from the International Rotary Convention in Sydney, I drove through country NSW. Stopping at Moree to see my necktie stockist, Myrna Harris at The Cotton Shop, these grain silos caught my eye. The silos looked like they'd been to hospital for surgery and bandaging.  Concrete photographs with fabulous texture.

July 2014

Cirrus at Sunset
This month I was asked to photograph my husband, Ross Harrison and his aircraft. He is the Cirrus Aircraft distributor for Queensland, Australia. Now portraits are my specialty and with a 'commission' - there is normally a lot of consultation, what look is required, what you want to say, what to wear, which location and the time of day. Ross just said, 'You do what you do best' and that was the end of the consultation! I asked for the plane to be taxied down the tarmac to the last rays of sunlight and added several off camera flash lights to create sparkle in the gleaming paintwork and give it lift from the background.  

August 2014

Cinque Terre
Rarely does the location look as good as the brochures when you get there - but this place is the exception.  In Northern Italy, there are five villages precariously clinging to the cliff face of the coastline. Linked by train tunnels through the mountain, it has become popular to walk/hike/climb, between them. What may take ten minutes by train can take four hours to walk.  Meandering through vineyards and olive groves, the reward at the end was a swim in this picturesque location

September 2014

Neenish Tarts 
When I talk with people at our portrait planning session, I always ask them "If they could bring one item that said 'This is me' and represented their personality, what would it be?' 
Kris McGuire answered this question by bringing her recipe book to the studio. The lighting features the book, the face a little mysterious in the darkness, leaving you wanting to meet this chef and taste her family's favourite tarts.

October 2014

Brophy's Leave Birdsville   
The Birdsville Races are an iconic event in Australia - Held annually on the first weekend in September, the tiny town in far western Queensland swells to a population of 6,000 (normally around 100).  Brophy's Boxing Troupe are one of the last travelling boxing shows in the world and are popular entertainment with some of the locals and tourists taking on the professional team.

November 2014

Mother & Daughter Portrait
Kathleen thought it was time to get a nice portrait of herself and also with her daughter.  They have a close bond, talk every day and really do enjoy each other's company. 
In my role as a professional photographer, it is important to use lighting and posing that is beautiful and complimentary.  I also feel a responsibility to capture their relationship in a genuine way - showing a relaxed and natural look.  There is an art to getting the sparkle in their eyes and the cheeky smile

December 2014

White Christmas 
Having just returned from a cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, how to choose just one image that stayed in my mind, when there were so many amazing sights.  Rudesheim is a small village on the Rhine, with a cable car to the top of a mountain monument.  Everything looked like it had been dusted with icing sugar overnight.  With the castle on the opposite bank, this presented a perfect 'White Christmas' view for me.